Invest in Responsive Web Design for More Online Traffic

For many of us, it’s hard to image conducting our lives without a smartphone. Tablets have turned into a convenient and easy replacement for computers and these devices have become the preferred substitute to desktops and laptops. Based on this, wouldn’t it make sense to conduct your business to cater to this trending way of life? Of Course! The first step to grab the attention of these tech savvy consumers is to invest in Responsive Web Design.

What is Responsive Web Design (RWD)? It’s the new industry standard in web designing since the use of mobile devices has swept the world. This is highly sophisticated coding that formats your website to work on any device, screen size or browser. Websites using Responsive Design have a flexible layout that completely adjusts itself depending on what device is being utilized. This provides users with the most optimal experience without forcing viewers to download an app, use a mobile site version or, worst of all, view a squeezed and scaled down website not designed to fit mobile devices.

Statistics released in 2013 revealed 90% of all home searches begin on the Internet and 20% of Real Estate searches were done on a mobile device. While this percentage may seem small, consumer statistics prove mobile devices are the way of the future and there is no turning back. Google, too, has publicly promoted their high recommendation for website owners to convert to Responsive Design. 57% of online users will not recommend a company with a poor mobile website. Do NOT let this be you.

Many real estate website providers are finally embracing Responsive Design and can work with you to design a fully responsive, custom website or can offer a template site at a fraction of the cost utilizing this amazing technology. WordPress also offers a variety of designs and ready-to-go packages should you desire a no strings attached website option. Upgrading to a Responsive Design website is easy to do and a necessity in this evolving technological world we live in. Don’t be left behind to have your leads contact a different, mobile friendly agent.

October 26, 2016

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